II International Congress Environment & Sustainability 2022


About ICES

International Congress Environment & Sustainability

The ICES was mentored and organized by Maria Eulaidia de Araujo, Dr. in Geography and urban planning at INSA - National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon - University of Lyon in France. Scientific Researcher, with support from CAPES-Brasil, in the field of psychology, in the field of environmental planning and human behavior. She is an educator and Master in Psychology. She is currently a researcher and consultant and organizational facilitator, in participatory methodologies and socio-environmental behavior.

ICES became a strategic action of social feedback of his doctoral research. Motivated by her experiences, experiences and researcher since 2006, through the NGO - IETC - Institute of Entrepreneurial Training and Continuing Education, in the project RETE - Recyclable Transformation Enterprises/CE- Brazil, she states that inclusion is the basis for a construction collective with social and environmental justice. Thus was born the ICES, given the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, as an environment full of transformations and care for life and the common home, on our Planet Earth.

Even starting from an individual initiative, the ICES had its identity built collectively. Since the creation of the logo, it seeks to bring reflections on the balance of the planet and brings as an identity basis the four elements of nature (water, earth, fire and air).

The event seeks an experience and experience, with the rescue that it is on the spot, the basis for the search for solutions for social and environmental transformation, but with aspirations for global change, since we are all responsible for protecting life and the environment. It is an invitation to experience a  process of « acting, collective », with moments of reflection, aiming to think of participatory action strategies.

In its first edition (I International Environment & Sustainability Congress) it took place from 07/31/2020 to 08/02/2021. And it was resubmitted from 02/25/2021 to 02/28/2021. The event had the voluntary participation of national and international researchers (Brazil, France, Spain and Colombia), as well as technicians, collectors of cooperatives, professionals from different areas, entrepreneurs, involving social actors who research and live the theme of this congress , and which could contribute to improvements and advances, in a perspective of collective learning. Exchanges of research and experiences were carried out through reports, lectures, short courses and musical shows, in order to raise awareness and lead to reflections in society, on the perspectives of acting in relation to urban solid waste and its collective and participatory management.

For more information about the I ICES go to: https://eventos.congresse.me/cias

ICES 2021


The motivation of the II ICES in 2021 was born from the desire to transform this event into itself, a result of a participatory action of its first edition. In its continuation, the ICES evolves in the reinforcement of its collective identity, becoming a process of many, passing through a new moment, which we are calling « WEAVING THE ICES 2021 ». Our meetings, which started since February 2021, weekly, every Friday. Throughout the process of organizing the II ICES, we are seeking to enhance our actions and our know-how.

The II ICES is a " place " for dialogue on the main global socio-environmental issues, and the challenges faced in the face of the global health crisis, seeking to present theoretical, conceptual, methodological and instrumental proposals for territorial development based on environmental sustainability. In this sense, in 2021, the II CIAS will have as its central theme: SANITATION OF CITIES AND SUSTAINABLE SYSTEMS: COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE IN HEALTH CRISES, guided by the dialogue of its thematic axes.

We chose to use the term sanitation for the management of solid waste and effluents. Often, it is health crises that highlight the dangers of poor sanitation, when they are not the cause. These crises sometimes trigger a critical look at the reality experienced, which opens up to changes, which we can call collective intelligence.

The II ICES meets strategic issues at the international level such as sanitation, waste management and collective intelligence in the context of the Covid 19 pandemic. objective of knowing and integrating local solutions in different regions of the planet, respecting the needs and specificities of each location.

The II ICES will be an opportunity to compare the experiences of improvement, adaptation to the current health crisis but also to other older crises, with regard to sanitation (wastewater and solid waste management) and the opportunities they can bring.

Environmental management aims to adjust human activities so that there is no degradation of the ecosystem, seeking to preserve it, through joint actions between society and government. To minimize environmental damage, concepts, practices and techniques have emerged that can provide a balanced relationship between society and the environment, seeking to preserve natural resources and protect life in all its dimensions.

From the scientific, cultural and artistic works, they are presented on the theme, in panel sessions, oral communication, workshops and cultural presentations. We believe that fostering this dialogue enables the construction of responses and results of research and community actions developed, contributing to the process of environmental education, and social-environmental behavior, whose principle is the sustainability of life and its integration between theory and practice , where scientific knowledge and popular knowledge are part of an integrated and inclusive system and the participation of all social actors involved in the socio-environmental cause.

Proposal of the II ICES

The event should allow possibilities to:

  1. Create an exchange of experience on the theme of sanitation, waste management and collective intelligence;
  2. Strengthen and articulate an international knowledge network on the subject;
  3. Create lines of investigation for research, cultural experiences and collective intelligence;
  4. Integration between all social actors.

Participating audience:

Social actors (producers, inhabitants, consumers, traders, artisans, public managers, schools, universities, etc.), involved in the process of social and environmental construction, to recreate a different model that is effective and sustainable.

II ICES Format

The second edition of the ICES will take place in a virtual way with presentations of round tables, conferences, workshops, mini courses, working groups, artistic and musical presentations.


Central theme

Sanitation of Cities and Sustainable Systems:
Collective Intelligence in Health Crises

The theme of the II CIAS will be guided by the dialogue of the following thematic axes:

Management and management of urban solid waste in times of health crisis:
Objective: to discuss the risks to health and protection of formal and informal workers (street cleaning, garbage collection, selective collection), treatment of new waste produced in series (masks, tests, vaccines: expired, packaging), etc.

Sustainable systems and new environmental dynamics and technologies:
Objective: Discuss  how the implications of sustainability result in social processes and environmental changes  called socio-environmental vulnerability and its challenges in times of pandemic. The  urban socio-environmental vulnerability shows the heterogeneity of the impacts arising from the risks  on the population (urban socioenvironmental risk and vulnerability) This excluding and segregating urban dynamic determines an increasingly vulnerable landscape, marked by the prevalence of the survival strategy that privileges practices of environmental deterioration and increased risk exposure in times of pandemic.

Sustainability, education and socio-environmental vulnerability: challenges of the pandemic
Objective: environmental problems and their relationship between nature and society generate problems and socio-environmental vulnerability, and this has worsened in times of pandemic. In this context, we must think of EE as a transversal and interdisciplinary theme, meaning the integration of knowledge that leads to thinking about sustainability from the meaningful and contextualized teaching/learning process.

Life at the center of urban management and collective intelligence:
Objective: to present the environmental consequences of  urban and population growth There is a growing demand for housing, infrastructure, sanitation, health and education services, among other equipment, which has brought challenges to urban management. Therefore, the management and exploitation of resources and services in urban spaces and areas of the territory need to be discussed in an environmentally rational and balanced perspective. Collective intelligence can be the solution for social innovation of these problems, engaging the urban population to make decisions about the city and proposing new ways to connect society for the common good.

People-environment relationship and sustainability: the challenges of the pandemic:
Objective: to discuss how people think and relate to environments (natural and built), their social norms and how they shape human attitudes and actions that, in turn, alter nature. The person-environment relationship aims to improve the quality of life and environment of all living beings. It assumes that there is a mutual relationship between people and environments and that human actions can favor or prevent the conservation and preservation of the environment. By analyzing and understanding the behaviors and contexts where people are inserted, it is possible to propose strategies that aim at a sustainable way of thinking and acting.

Public policies, health and environment
Objective: to present the contributions of public policies in their implementation, evaluation and results  of programs related to health and the environment, identifying the network of actors involved. Or, evaluate efficiency, effectiveness and/or effectiveness of health and environment policies, relating the proposed objectives of policies and programs with the results obtained.

Solid Waste Valuation: Circular Economy and Innovation
Objective: to discuss the contribution of energy recovery from urban solid waste to the improvement of environmental quality and to promote sustainable development and to present the valorization of solid waste as a centerpiece for innovation. solid waste, for the incorporation of technical changes in the economy and society and consequently for the competitiveness of this alternative source of energy, waste.


Integrated Events


Empreendimentos de Transformacao de Recicláveis


IES  is a space for discussion on the main global socio-environmental issues, such as:  public policies, health, environment, innovation and environmental conservation. Know more...


Simposio Internacional em Tecnologias Limpas


The International Clean Technologies Symposium - ICTS, a biannual event, is a space for interdisciplinary discussion among scientists, professionals, educators, students and society about Clean Technologies, Environment and Sustainability related to urban and rural space. Know more...


Empreendimentos de Transformacao de Recicláveis


GEDAE 2021 will take place online/live, making it possible to reach distant audiences.
In particular, it will be associated with the International Congress on Environment & Sustainability - II CIAS, organized in Brazil, which has as its main theme: “SANITATION OF CITIES AND SUSTAINABLE SYSTEMS: COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE FACING HEALTH CRISES”.
This Congress allows the exchange between all social actors involved with these themes: communities, researchers, managers, entrepreneurs, startups, collectors, associations. Know more...




Adeildo Cabral da Silva Alba Regina Azevedo Arana Aline Ferreira da Silva

Adeildo Cabral da Silva


Institut fédéral de l'éducation,

de la science et de la technologie du Ceará - Brazil

Alba Regina Azevedo Arana


Unoeste - São Paulo - Brazil

Aline Ferreira da Silva

Doctorat en sociologie

Institut Fédéral de Sergipe - IFS - Sergipe- Brazil


Ana Cecília Florêncio Moreira Ana Claudia Carvalho Bezerra Profa. Dra. Ana Claudia Dias

Ana Cecília Florêncio Moreira

Diplôme en Musique – Musicien – CE - Brazil


Ana Claudia Carvalho Bezerra


Profa. Dra. Ana Claudia Dias

Ingénieur environnemental

Université d'Aveiro - Portugal

Angela Mitie Otta Kinoshita Barbara Xavier de Andrade Carla Nayra Sousa do Nascimento

Angela Mitie Otta Kinoshita

La physique

Unoeste - São Paulo - Brazil

Bárbara Xavier de Andrade

Artiste et psychologue

Portal da Vida - Ceará - Brazil

Carla N. S. do Nascimento

Technique de construction

Résident de la communauté Bom Jardim - Ceará - Brazil

Claudia Marcia Lyra Pato Custódio Luis Silva de Almeida Cássia Regina Xavier de Andrade

Claudia Marcia Lyra Pato

Université de Brasilia (UNB) - District fédéral - Brazil


Custódio Luis Silva de Almeida


Université fédérale du Ceará (UFC) - Brazil

Cássia Regina Xavier de Andrade

Facilitatrice de biodance

César Augusto Lucena da Silva Cícero Glaudiano Nascimento de Sousa Davi Teixeira Pinheiro

César Augusto Lucena da Silva


Projet EMTRE - Projets de

Transformation Recyclable - Brazil - Ceará

Cícero Glaudiano Nascimento de Sousa


Association Raio de Sol - Ceará -  Brazil

Davi Teixeira Pinheiro

Ingénieur Civil et Production Mécanique

Institut fédéral d'éducation,

de science et de technologie

du Ceará (IFCE) - Brazil

Edna Verônica Gutiérrez López Eline Prado Santos Feitosa Escola EcoCirco Arte cultura e cidadania

Edna Verônica Gutiérrez López

Designer industriel

Université nationale de Colombie - Colombie

Eline Prado Santos Feitosa


Association Brésilienne de Psychologie

Environnementale et

Relations Personne-Environnement (ABRAPA) -

Sergipe - Brazil

Escola EcoCirco Arte cultura e cidadania

Institut Intervalo - Ceará - Brazil

Fernanda Marques Lins Fernando Antonio Fontenele Leao Fernando Córdova Canela

Fernanda Marques Lins

Styliste modéliste


Fernando Antônio F. Leão

Université fédérale de Bahia du Sud - UFSB) - BA - Brazil

Fernando Córdova Canela


Université de Guadalajara - Mexique

Francielli Gasparotto Gisele Victor Batista Hernan Gustavo

Francielli Gasparotto

Ingénieur agronome

Université Cesumar - Unicesumar - Paraná - Brazil


Gisele Victor Batista


Hernan Gustavo


Université nationale de

Colombie - Colombie

 Isabele Picada Emanuelli Jane Melo João batista mendes de Souza

Isabele Picada Emanuelli


UNICESUMAR- Paraná- Brazil

Jane Melo


João Batista Mendes de Souza


Association des collectionneurs

de Bom Jardim – Ceará – Brazil

Jofran Fonteles Borges Jose Rinardo Alves Mesquita Jose Q Pinheiro

Jofran F. Borges

Musicien - éducateur artistique - CE - Brazil


José Rinardo Alves Mesquita

Comédien et metteur en scène

Université fédérale du Ceará - Brazil

José Q. Pinheiro


Université Fédérale de

Rio Grande do Norte -UFRN - Brazil

Prof. Dr. José Ozinaldo Alves de Sena Fernando Antônio Fontenele Leão João Carlos Goes da  Silva

Prof. Dr. José Ozinaldo Alves de Sena

ingénieur agronome

Université d'État de Maringá - Paraná - Brazil

Dr. João Figueiredo

Post-doctorat en éducation - GEAD -

Université fédérale du Ceará  - UFC - Brazil.

João Carlos Goes da Silva

Institut Zéro Déchet /

Composta Poço da Draga - CE – Brazil

Karla Patricia Martins Ferreira Karina Signori Laura de Aro Galera

Karla Patricia Martins Ferreira


UNIFOR - Ceará - Brazil


Karina Signori

Reccilide - Art et Education - RS - Brazil

Laura de Aro Galera


PUC / SP - Brazil

Marcia Frezza Lillian Barros Luana Castelo Martins

Letícia Keroly B. Alexandrino

Architecte et urbaniste


Lillian Barros

Génie Biotechnologique

Centre de Recherche sur la Montagne -

Institut Polytechnique de Bragança - Portugal.

Luana Castelo Martins


UFC - Ceará - Brazil

Luana Mourão Dias Araújo Luana Viana Costa e SIlva Lúcia Helena Galvão Maya

Luana Mourão Dias Araújo

Psychologue clinicien

UFC - CERÁ - Brazil

Luana Viana Costa e SIlva


Université fédérale du Ceará - Brazil

Lúcia Helena Galvão Maya


Organização Nova Acrópole do Brazil

- Distrito Federal - Brazil

Marcia Frezza Marcia Rodrigues De Morais Chaves Maria Clevandira Dias Mota

Marcia Frezza


UNIFOR - Ceará - Brazil

Marcia R. de Morais Chaves

Doutora em Engenharia Química

Ameize Cosmética Natural - São Paulo - Brazil

Maria Clevandira Dias Mota


IPC - Instituto de Permacultura

do Ceará - Brazil

Maria Eulaidia de Araujo María Fernanda Viteri Palomeque  Maria Inês Gasparetto Higuchi

Maria Eulaidia de Araujo

Doutora em Geografia Planejamento e Urbanismo

- INSA  - Universidade  de Lyon - França

María Fernanda V. Palomeque 

Arquiteta e Urbanista

Universidade de Guayaquil - Equador

Maria Inês Gasparetto Higuchi


UFAM - Amazonas - Brazil

Marly Pereira da Cunha Marta Sorelia Felix de Castro Marta Aurélia Bezerra

Marly Pereira da Cunha


Ceará - Brazil

Marta Sorelia Felix de Castro


UFC - Ceará - Brazil

Marta Aurélia Bezerra


Ceará - Brazil

Maíra Rodrigues Uliana Michele Tajra

Mary Santos Campos

Terapeuta, Profª de Yoga, Facilitadora de Biodança. CE - Brazil


Maíra Rodrigues Uliana

Engenheira Agrônoma

Unoeste - São Paulo  - Brazil

Michele Tajra

Artista – Socióloga – CE - Brazil

Mirian Lima da Costa Márcia  Aparecida Andreazzi Pascale Martel Naquim


Mirian Lima da Costa


Projeto EMTRE- Empreendimentos de

Transformação de Recicláveis - Ceará - Brazil

Márcia Aparecida Andreazzi


Unicesumar - Paraná - Brazil

Pascale Martel Naquin


CEFREPADE - França-Lyon

Pedro Colaneri Abi Ecab  Queila Turchetto Rosane Marina Peralta

Pedro Colaneri Abi Ecab

Promotor de Justiça

Ministério Público de Rondônia - Brazil

Queila Turchetto


EspaçoUp Estética e Nutrição - Paraná - Brazil

Rosane Marina Peralta

Doutora em Bioquímica

Ricardo Garcia Mira Roberta Bonfim Nogueira Costa Ruana Michela Santos Cardoso

Ricardo Garcia Mira


Universidade da Coruña - Espanha

Roberta B. Nogueira Costa


ArteVistas - CE - Brazil

Ruana Michela Santos Cardoso

Educadora Física

UFS - Sergipe - Brazil

Rodolfo Daniel Acosta Ruana Michela Santos Cardoso Rúbia Carvalho Gomes Corrêa

Daniel Acosta

Artista e Professor de artes visuais


Rute Grossi Milani


Unicesumar - Paraná - Brazil

Rúbia Carvalho Gomes Corrêa

Engenheira de Alimentos

UniCesumar - Paraná - Brazil

Silas Silva Santos Silvana Sarti Silva Laura de Aro Galera

Silas Silva Santos

Juiz de Direito

UNOESTE - São Paulo - Brazil


Silvana Sarti

Artista visual e performer – SP – Brazil


Silvia Varela

Mestre em Reiki

Movimento Teia da Vida -  Ceará - Brazil

Solange Maria Bonaldo Susana de Oliveira Santana Sérgio Marques Costa

Solange Maria Bonaldo


UFMT - Mato Grosso - Brazil

Susana de Oliveira Santana


UFS - Sergipe - Brazil

Sérgio Marques Costa

Engenheiro Agrônomo

Unicesumar - Paraná - Brazil

Tadeu Fabricio Malheiros Tatiana Emanuelli Tatiane Dantas Nascimento

Tadeu Fabrício Malheiros

Engenheiro civil e ambiental

USP - São Paulo - Brazil

Tatiana Emanuelli


UFSM - Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil


Tatiane Dantas Nascimento

Assessora Técnica e Jurídica

Consórcio Público Regional de Resíduos

Sólidos do Seridó/RN - Brazil


Timothy J. Finan Tatiana Emanuelli Tatiana Emanuelli

Timothy J. Finan

University of Arizona - Arizona -EUA

Wanderlan Santos Porto

Professor de FIlosofia

IFS - Sergipe - Brazil

Zenith Nara Costa Delabrida


Universidade Federal de Sergipe - Brazil

Profa. Dra. Zlatina Genisheva

Profa. Dra. Zlatina Genisheva


Univesidade do Minho - Portugal


(Brasília time - Brazil) Schedule subject to change

09/07/21 (TUESDAY)


15:00 - 15:15


BIENVENIDOS II CIAS - Maria Eulaidia de Araujo - General organizer - Brazil / France.

Musical Bienvenida - Jane Melo - Psychologist / Singer - CE - Brazil

15:15 - 15:45


GEDAE - Pascale Martel Naquin - CEFREPADE - France

SInTEL - Dr. Márcia Aparecida Andreazzi - PPGTL - UNICESUMAR - Brazil

SIMeA - Dr. Alba Regina Azevedo Arana - PPGMADREE - UNOESTE - Brazil

15:45 - 17:25

Opening conference:

Prof. Dr. Tadeu Fabrício Malheiros - University of São Paulo - Brazil.

Conference theme: Universal sanitation

Prof. Dr. Ricardo García Mira - University of A Coruña - Spain.

Conference theme: Urban solutions based on nature to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

17:25 - 17:40

Farewell of the day: Maria Eulaidia de Araujo - CE - Brazil.

Ana Cecília Moreira - “Sita Sand” - Singer and Composer - CE - Brazil.

09/08/21 (WEDNESDAY)

08:50 - 09:00

Musical welcome / Cordel - Barbara Xavier

09:00 - 12:00


Promote ecological sanitation in areas under development or in crisis?

Mediators: Rémy Bayard and Florent Brun

09:00 - 09:10

Welcome to GEDAE participants

09:10 - 10:00

Opening conference:

Theme: The challenges of sanitation in developing countries and in crisis and ecological sanitation.

Paul COTTAVOZ, Specialist in Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (EAH) in a humanitarian context and President of the Ecocentro Pierre et Terre - France.

Theme: The place of the socio-anthropological focus in Water, Sanitation, Hygiene projects - France.

Florence CHATOT Groupe URD - Responsible for research, evaluation and training – France

10:00 - 10:45


11:00 - 12:00

Exchange of experiences:

Presentation of ponents

Theme: Urban dry toilets in developed countries. Exchange of experiences in FUMAINERIE - France.


Theme: Dry toilets with organic waste under control in southern countries: exchange of experiences on pilot ecological sanitation projects in Haiti and their implementation.

Gaston JEAN, AOG and Universidad Quisqueya - Haiti

Theme: Participatory sanitation planning as a key to sustainability?

Rémi LOMBARD-LATUNE, research engineer at INRAE ​​- UR REVERSAAL – France

11:00 - 12:00

Round table:

Monitoring of actors in ecological sanitation in the South and North regions.

12:00 - 12:10


12:10 - 12:30


SIMeA- PPGMADRE- Unoeste Brasil -

Conference theme: Public policies and socio-environmental protection of the Amazon in pandemic crises.

Prof. Dr. Pedro Ebi-Eçab - Public Ministry of Rondônia - Brazil.

Mediator: Silas Silva Santos - PPGMADRE - Unoeste Brasil

THEMATIC EJE II CIAS: Public policies, health and environment

12:30 - 13:30


13:30 - 14:30

Rule of dialogue: The legal framework for sanitation and solid waste in Brazil: challenges and solutions.

Tatiane Dantas Nascimento - Legal advisor to FEMURN - Solid Waste Consorcio of Seridó / RN and the Sanitation Consorcio of Alto Oeste Potiguar - RN - Brazil.

Experience report:

- Cícero Glaudiano Nascimento de Sousa - Collector - “Raio de Sol” Collectors Association of Genibaú - CE - Brazil.

- Mirian Lima da Costa - EMTRE Project - Recyclable Transformation Companies. Conductor and craftsman - CE - Brazil.

María Eulaidia de Araujo - Theme: Proposal for a systemic and inclusive model for urban solid waste management - CE – Brazil.

Thematic Eje: Management and Administration of urban solid waste in times of health crisis.

14:30 - 15:35

Music from Recicleide: Composting Now - Karine Signori

14:35 - 15:35

SInTeL - PPGTL - UNICESUMAR - Paraná - Brazil

Conference theme: Life cycle analysis.

Prof. Dr. Ana Claudia Dias - University of Aveiro - Portugal.

Mediator: Prof. Dr. Francielli Gasparotto

Acting sustainably:

Workshop theme: Organic Waste Recycling – “Compost Well.” (Pozo compound)

João Carlos Goes da Silva- Instituto Lixo Zero / - CE – Brazil.

15:35 - 16:05

Round Table: Domestic Waste Management during the Covid-19 Pandemic: an Environmental Psychology perspective.

Ms. Laura de Aro Alegra - PUC- SP - Brazil

Me. Eline Prado Santos Feitosa - Federal University of Sergipe – Brazil.

Thematic section: Sustainable systems and new dynamics and environmental technologies

17:50 - 19:00

Round Table: Red Iberoamericana de Collaboración en Servicios Ecosistémicos, Biodiversidad, Sostenibilidad and Vivienda: Retos and Perspectivas

Prof. Dr. Fernando Córdova Canela - University of Guadalajara - Mexico

Prof. Dr. Gabriel Castañeda Nolasco - University

Autonomous Region of Chiapas (UNACH) - Mexico

Prof. M. Davi Teixeira Pinheiro - IFCE. FEUP - Brazil / By


Mediator: Prof. Dr. Adeildo Cabral da Silva - IFCE –CE- Brazil

19:25 - 19:35

Farewell to the day and artistic-cultural reflection:

Laughter Yoga 1 - Karina Signori - Recycle art and education

09/09/21 (QUINTA-FEIRA)



THEMATIC AREA II CIAS: Life at the center of urban management and collective intelligence

08:50 - 09:00

CULTURAL MOMENT - Community Culture and Art - IANDÊ Musical Group

14:00 - 17:30

GEDAE - Live

Reducing waste production in the south: how to convince and mobilize?

Mediator: Aline Hubert

09:00 - 09:10

Welcome to GEDAE participants

09:10 - 09:50


Topic: The challenges of waste reduction in developing and crisis countries

GAIA and freeing yourself from plastic

09:50 - 10:50

Exchange of experiences on mobilization around waste reduction.

Topic: How can humanitarian and development NGOs integrate waste prevention into their planning activities?

Samantha BRANGEON - Joint Initiative and Leila LECAPITAINE, West African Supply Chain Specialist at the Danish Refugee Council.

Topic: My restaurant “Zero Garbage” in Senegal: three labels to unite restaurant owners and raise awareness among local people about “Zero Waste”.

Farima TIDJANI Vice President responsible for International Relations of Zero Garbage Association in Senegal and Aisha CONTE, President of Zero Garbage Association Senegal

Topic: Zero Waste Collective of Tunisia

10:50 - 11:00


11:00 - 12:00

Round table: What coordination between actors for an efficient waste reduction strategy?

12:00 - 13:00


13:00 - 13:30

Sustainable action: Sustainable construction workshop (bamboo)

Fernanda Marques Lins- Rio de Janeiro- Brazil

THEMATIC AREA: Sustainability, Education and Social and Environmental Vulnerability: Challenges of the Pandemic

13:30 - 13:40

Cultural moment: Performance (Aradia Verde tudo Verde) - Body and musical art - Michele Tarja - Singer, Actress and Artisan - CE - Brazil.

13:40 - 14:45

Round Table: Socio-environmental vulnerability due to the weak recognition of the person-environment relationship.

Teacher. Dr. Hartmut Günther - University of Brasilia (UNB)

Teacher. Dr. Fátima Bernardo - University of Évora (Portugal)

Mediator: Zenith Delabrida - Federal University of Sergipe

14:45 - 15:15

Conference topic: Environmental education in times of pandemic: the case of Cuba.

Teacher. Dr. Amparo Osório Abad - Center for Environmental Education Studies - GEA- Havana-CUBA.

Mediator: Prof. Dr. Alba Regina Azevedo Arana- PPGMADRE- UNOESTE - SP – Brazil.

15:15 - 16:00

Round table: love, joy and art in an eco-relational perspective in the face of pandemic coloniality.

Teacher. Dr. Joao Batista Figueiredo - GEAD-Federal University of Ceará (UFC).

Ms. Fernando Antônio Fontenele Leão - Federal University of Southern Bahia (UFSB).

Ms. José Rinardo Alves Mesquita - Department of Education of Itapipoca (SEDUC).

THEMATIC AREA: Person-environment relationship and Sustainability (5)

16:55 - 17:40

Round table: The representation of the environment, the person-environment relationship and the belief in the flat earth.

Teacher. Dr. José Pinheiro - Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte - UFRN- Brazil

Teacher. Dr. Timothy Finan- University of Arizona - United States

Mediator: Prof. Dr. Karla Patrícia Ferreira

17:40 - 18:25

Gathering: sustainable urban solutions.

Teacher. Dr. Luana Viana Costa e Silva - UFC / Crateús - CE - Brazil

Topic: LETES: a sustainable look at sludge from wastewater treatment plants.

Master in Psychology - Letícia Keroly Bezerra Alexandrino - CE – Brazil

18:25 - 19:40

Conference topic: Sustainable solutions to minimize environmental impacts: the case of flooding in the city of Fortaleza - CE

Experience report: Poço da Draga Housing -

Mediator: Roberta Bonfim - Artevistas Place - CE - Brazil

Gathering: paths to well-being in times of pandemic.

Teacher. Teacher. Susana de Oliveira Santana- Federal University of Sergipe -UFS- SE- Brazil

Ana Cecília Moreira - “Sita Sand” - Singer and Composer - CE - Brazil.

Ruana Michela Santos Cardoso - Master's Student -Federal University of Sergipe -UFS- SE- Brazil

Mary Santos Campos - Therapist - CE - Brazil

Luana Mourão Dias Araújo - Psychologist - CE - Brazil

Mediator: Clevandira Mota - CE – Brazil

19:40 - 19:55

Farewell of the day: Laughter Yoga 2 - Karina Molina – “Recicleide” - Art and Education - RS - Brazil.


09/10/21 (SIXTH-FEIRA)

THEMATIC AREA: Management and management of urban solid waste in times of health crisis (1)

08:55 - 09:00

Cultural welcome: Musical-Michele Tarjra - Singer, Actress and artisan. CE - Brazil.


GEDAE - Live

Improve the recovery of plastic waste in developing countries for income-generating activities that respect the environment and health.

Mediator: Pascale Martel Naquin (CEFREPADE) and Bob Vrignaud (Plastic Odyssey)

09:00 - 09:15

Welcome to GEDAE participants

09:15 - 09:45

Conference: Assessment of plastic waste in developing countries: what processes, what forms of financing, what social and environmental impact?

Bob Vrgnaud - Plastic Odyssey

09:45 - 11:00

Lessons learned: About the 4-process economic model:

- Pellet production (with Proplast in Senegal).

- Production of pavements and bricks (with Madacompost in Madagascar, to be confirmed)

- Housing manufacturing (with Plastic Conceptos in Côte d'Ivoire).

- Production of hydrocarbons by pyrolysis (with German Jimenez in Costa Rica.

Questions and answers

11:00 - 11:15


11:15 - 12:15

Round table: how to make these sectors economically viable, respecting the environment and human health?

11:50 - 12:00

Closing of GEDAE meetings

12:00 - 13:00



Thematic axis: Person-environment relationship and sustainability: the challenges of the pandemic (5)

13:00 - 13:15

CULTURAL MOMENT: Marta Aurélia Bezerra - music and performance, singer and composer - CE – Brazil

13:15 - 14:15

Round table: Climate change and behavioral change.

Teacher. Dr. Maria Inês Gasparetto Higuchi - Federal University of Amazonas - Brazil

Teacher. Dr. Claudia Marcia Lyra Pato - UNB - Brazil

Teacher. Dr. Rute Grossi Milani - UNICESUMAR - PR Brazil

Mediator: Prof. Dr. Zenith Delabrida- SE - Brazil

14:15 - 15:40

Round table: Education for sustainability

- Prof. Hernán Gustavo Cortés - Bogotá- National University of Colombia.

Gathering: Recycling in the Puerto Carreño Vichada community.

Oscar Julián Esteban Patiño - Bogotá - Colombia - Universidad del Rosario - Bogotá- Colombia

Conference: Direct from the habitat and the landscape, for intelligent communities: the case of the linear parks of Guayaquil Ecuador

Teacher. Dr. María Fernanda Viteri Palomeque - Universidad Ecuador- Ecuador

Gathering: Study and social appropriation of sustainable knowledge - National University of Colombia.

Doctoral student Verônica Gutiérrez - Colombo Association - French researcher - COLIFRI - Bogotá – Colombia

15:40 - 16:05

Acting sustainably:

Workshop: Biocentric Community Development - “Cirandando” Project. Cassia Regina Xavier de Andrade - CE Brazil


THEMATIC AREA: Assessment and Innovation in the waste sector

16:05 - 17:05


Conference: Impact of the pandemic on research on the valuation of plant biological waste.

Teacher. Dr. Lillian Barros - Mountain Research Center (CIMO) of the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB), Portugal. Highly cited researcher (Clarivate Analytics, 2016-2020).

Mediator: Prof. Dr. Rúbia Carvalho Gomes Corrêa - UNICESUMAR - Paraná Brazil

Acting sustainably:

Workshop: Reuse of waste in the art of percussion

Jofran Fonteles Borges - Seed of the arts - CE - Brazil

Round table: Management and assessment of agroindustrial waste

17:05 - 18:05

Round table: Management and assessment of agroindustrial waste


Teacher. Dr. Tatiana Emanuelli- UFSM- RS- Brazil

Teacher. Dr. Rosane Marina Peralta - UEM- PR- Brazil

Mediator: Prof. Dr. Isabele Picada Emanuelli - PPGTL- UNICESUMAR- PR - Brazil

Act sustainable

Workshop - Recycling of Dried Flowers and Natural Paints - Michele Tajra - CE- Brazil


SIMeA- PPGMADRE- Unoeste Brazil

Presentation: Waste Assessment and Innovation.

Teacher. Dr. Zlatina Genisheva - University of Minho - Portugal

Mediator: Prof. Dr. Maíra Rodrigues Uliana- PPGMADRE- Unoeste - SP - Brazil

18:35 - 19:05

SIMeA - PPGMADRE - Unoeste Brazil

Dr. Márcia R de Morais Chaves- Ameize Cosmetica Natura- SP- Brazil.

Mediator: Prof. Dr. Angela Mitie Otta Kinoshita - PPGMADRE - Unoeste - SP - Brazil.

19:05 - 20:05

Round table: Art and sustainability

Daniel Acosta - National University of Visual Arts of Buenos Aires - Argentina

Jofran Fonteles - Artist - Composer - CE- Brazil

Silvana Sarti Silva - SP - Brazil

Mediator: Clevandira Mota - CE - Brazil

20:05 Farewell to the day: Sarau Poético - Environment - Silvia Varela- CE- Brazil


09/11/21 (SATURDAY)


09:00 - 09:15


Cultural moment - Mantra Workshop - Ana Cecília Moreira - “Sita Sand” - Singer and Composer - “Mantra of the 4 elements” - CE – Brazil.

09:15 - 10:30

Gathering: sustainable living in communities

Portal Vida - Cássia Regina Xavier de Andrade - CE- Brazil

Bons Urban Gardens Group: Carla Nayra, Marly Pereira da Cunha, Joao Baptista Mendes de Souza (collector) - Bom Jardim - CE - Brazil

Serviluz Agroecológico - ECOS Laboratory and Titanzinho Residents Association - Luana Castelo Martins - CE - Brazil.

Mediator: Prof. Dr. Timothy Finan - University of Arizona - United States.

10:30 - 12:30

Oral presentation of accepted works

14:00 - 14:30


Acting sustainably:

Workshop: Complete use of foods in recipes: Ms. Queila Turchetto - PR – Brazil

14:30 - 15:30

Round table: The impact of the pandemic on the struggles of social movements and traditional communities: territoriality, sustainability and setbacks

Teacher. Dr. Wanderlan Santos Porto - Philosopher and professor at the Sergipe Federal Institute - Brazil

Ms. Eline Prado Santos Feitosa - Sergipe Brazil

Dr. Aline Ferreira da Silva - Sociologist and Professor at the Federal Institute of Sergipe - Brazil.

Mediator: Teacher Ruana Michela Cardoso - Sergipe – Brazil.


Farewell of the day: Musical presentation: Jane Melo - CE – Brazil.



12/09/21 (SUNDAY)


09:30 - 10:0


Office: Circus art- Circus school - CE - Brazil

10:00 - 11:5


Vintage Celebration: Cores Organizers / Artists / Speakers of the II CIAS.


Maria Eulaidia Araujo - CE - Brazil.

Valedictory lecture II CIAS:

Education for social and environmental justice and the protection of life.

Dr. A.S. Custodian Luis Silva de Almeida - Prof. Philosophy of the Federal University of Ceará - UFC - Brazil

Other guests.

Prospective and Participatory Actions of the II CIAS. (Activities to present on the day, according to II CIAS contributions).

11:50 - 12:0

Musical Farewell II CIAS 2021 - Jane Melo - CE - Brazil.



Instituto de Formacao Empreendedora e Educacao Permanente


IFEE: The Institute of Entrepreneurship and Continuing Education (IFEE) is a permanent, private and non-profit civil society, established on September 4, 1999, with statutory regulations, headquarters and jurisdiction in the city of Fortaleza, capital of the State of Ceará.

The IFEE, from a systemic perspective and protection of life and the environment, seeks, through its research and actions, to integrate psychosocial, economic, environmental, cultural, educational and community aspects. In an inter- and transdisciplinary manner, it promotes possibilities for personal and collective development, strengthening the identity and autonomy of the people involved in its processes.

Empreendimentos de Transformacao de Recicláveis

EMTRE - Recyclable Transformation Enterprises is a Project that aims at the inclusion and integration of people in situations of social vulnerability (Scavengers, women, Caps patients, etc.), aiming at psychosocial monitoring, citizenship, job generation and of income. It consists of a space for learning, action research and intervention in economic, social, cultural and environmental education.

EMTRE brings into its identity the collective construction of an experiential process giving meaning to human, personal and professional evolution in a progressive manner. The systemic vision of these processes allows us to open up so that everyone can always have a good experience, on condition that they do their part and unite and act collectively. Hence the image of the "ant" in its logo, as a symbol that we cannot do it alone, but each doing our part, we will be able to take care of our "Common Home" and life in all dimensions. .all welcome: “EntreNoEMTRE”.


General Organization

Maria Eulaidia de Araujo

Maria Eulaidia de Araujo

IIFEE - Institute of Entrepreneurial Training and Continuing Education - LERHA - UNIFOR - CE - Brazil..

Organize Nuclei II CIAS

Management core


Maria Eulaidia de Araujo Maria Eulaidia de Araujo

Maria Eulaidia de Araujo

IFEE - Institut de Formation Entrepreneuriale et

de Formation Continue - Brésil/France

Pascale Martel Naquin


Eline Prado Santos Feitosa Wanderlan Santos Porto

Eline Prado Santos Feitosa

Université Fédérale de Sergipe - Brazil

Wanderlan Santos Porto

Institut Fédéral de Sergipe  - Brazil


Assistance / Technical support
Technology, Information and Communication


Leonardo Lopes Camargo Isabela Machado De Moraes

Leonardo Lopes Camargo

Espaço de Renascer Assessoria e Consultoria - CE - Brazil

Isabela Machado de Moraes

Université Cesumar - Unicesumar - PR - Brazil


Scientific Core

Alba Regina Azevedo Arana Adeildo Cabral da Silva Gisele Victor Batista

Alba Regina Azevedo Arana

     Unoeste - Université de l'Ouest de

São Paulo - Unoeste - SP - Brazil

Adeildo Cabral da Silva

   IFCE - Coordinateur du Comité Scientifique - CE - Brazil

Gisele Victor Batista

Harpy Environnement - SC - Brazil

Isabele Picada Emanuelli Karla Patricia Martins Ferreira Márcia Aparecida Andreazzi

Isabele Picada Emanuelli           

Université Cesumar - Unicesumar - PR - Brazil

Karla Patricia Martins Ferreira

Post-Doctorat en Psychologie - LERHA-UNIFOR - Brazil

Márcia Aparecida Andreazzi

Institut Fédéral de Sergipe  - Brazil

Cultural Art Center


Maria Clevandira Dias Mota Ruana Michela Santos Cardoso

Maria Clevandira Dias Mota

Portal da Luz et Institut de Permaculture - CE - Brazil

Ruana Michela Santos Cardoso

Université Fédérale de Sergipe - SE - Brazil








Restoring and protecting ecosystems: what if it were a possible gateway to development, where waste, sanitation, deforestation only aggravate the precariousness in which millions of people around the world still live? In any case, this is what CEFREPADE has been modestly trying to demonstrate for around ten years, by supporting local actors in their fight to improve their living conditions.Know more...


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